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Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, Pinterest is a mighty tool that can help you reach a large audience. Read my 2020 tips on how to grow your Pinterest account and implement some new techniques that can boost your reach.

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7 Tips to Grow Your Pinterest Account in 2020! Learn how to grow your following and more at

How to Grow Your Pinterest Account

Niche Down

To grow an audience, whether it’s on Pinterest, Instagram, a blog or a YouTube channel, you need to choose a specific niche topic to post about.

People are more likely to follow you if you post about a single topic they enjoy, because they can expect to enjoy all of your content.

If you post about 7 different topics and a person only enjoys 2 or 3 of them, they will not follow you because they won’t care about the rest of your content.

Start with a single niche, and as you grow your account you can expand into adjacent categories.

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Research Keywords

Learn about the top keywords in your niche through keyword research.

You can do keyword research right on Pinterest, using both their search bar and their business account insights.

When you type a word or short phrase into Pinterest’s search bar, small boxes with additional word suggestions will pop up under the search term. These are all keywords that are often paired with the keyword you searched. Stringing them together is an easy way to form a long tailed keyword for Pinterest.

Another great way to do keyword research is on search engines, like Google. I love using the tool Keywords Everywhere – not an affiliate link and inexpensive to use, Keywords Everywhere is a great tool when you’re researching keywords for blog posts and social media posts.

Understand Your Audience

Pinterest has an awesome tool that gives insights into their audience.

You can learn about all Pinterest users in general, or scale it down to learn about your specific audience.

Pinterest’s general audience has the following demographics and areas of interest:

Pinterest User Demographics

As you can see, most Pinterest users are young to middle aged women.

Pinterest User Interests

From this distribution, we can see the most popular categories on Pinterest, complete with subcategories on the right.

You don’t need to choose the most popular interest on Pinterest to grow a successful account. 

I have a highly successful Pinterest account for my makeup blog, – you can see above that only 44% of Pinterest users are interested in beauty, yet my monthly reach on my blog’s Pinterest account is 5.5 million.

BeautyBrainsBlush Pinterest Account

If I go into my account’s audience insights, I can see that my audience is very aligned with the topics I post about.

I started posting solely about makeup, and over a year and a half I have branched out to include women’s fashion, hair, nails, and related topics that I see my audience is also interested in.

BeautyBrainsBlush audience insights

Understanding your audience and their specific interests will help you post the content that will be the most interesting to them, facilitating organic engagement with the people who see your pins!

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How to Grow Your Pinterest Account 2020 -

Optimize Your Account

Use those keywords you researched and optimize your Pinterest account!

Pinterest has a unique smart feed as it’s home page, which is very different than other social medias.

When you log onto Facebook or Instagram, you see a collection of posts from people that you follow. When you log onto Pinterest, you see a collection of posts that align with other content you have interacted with, mostly from people you do NOT follow.

Optimizing your account helps Pinterest’s algorithm more easily categorize your content and show it to users.

Your account settings, profile, description, boards, and pins can ALL be optimized. For example, your account settings should include a Pinterest business profile, the correct contact information for your business, and a category that properly explains your account.

Start with your profile and boards, and optimize your new pins from now on with highly searched keywords on Pinterest.

This is a big task, but it is crucial if you want your content to be shown across smart feeds.

If you want to outsource the optimization of your account, I would be happy to do it for you! I offer several Pinterest services, and optimization is my favorite. 

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Post High Quality Content

Pinterest is a visual search engine. You must post high quality, engaging images to succeed.

If you post a low quality blurry photo, it will be ignored by users and not picked up by Pinterest’s algorithm.

Additionally, having the correct photo size is extremely helpful. Try to post vertical images with a 2:3 ratio.

Create Engaging Graphics

Just like photos, it is great to create graphics for Pinterest with a 2:3 ratio.

I love using Canva’s Pinterest pin template, which has dimensions of 1000px x 1500x – a perfect size for a Pinterest pin. There are also tons of awesome graphic templates for you to use!

Canva is free to use, but you can get a free credit if you join via my referral link here.

Make sure you create graphics that are easy to read with enough contrast between the text color and background, don’t steal other people’s images, and accurately convey what your content is about!

Here is an example of a poorly designed graphic:

How to Grow Your Pinterest Account 2020 - (1)

The contrast between the photo and text is poor, making it difficult to read the words, and URL at the bottom.

Here is an example of a well designed graphic:

How to Grow Your Pinterest Account 2020 -

This graphic has a much better contrast between the background and text, allowing the reader to clearly see all the words on the image. Pin this one 😉

Post Consistently

This tip seems simple, but you’d be surprised how many bloggers aren’t posting consistently on their Pinterest accounts.

Without a stream of new content, your account will not grow.

You need to consistently post quality, optimized content on your profile. This can be a mixture of your own content and other creator’s content that you find via Pinterest, blogging groups, Tailwind Tribes, or your own research!

To encourage growth, you should be posting (or re-pinning) at least 5 pins per day. Ideally, you should be posting closer to 15 pins per day. The best and easiest way to ensure that you are posting consistently and at the best times during the day is to use a scheduling tool.

Tailwind is the tool I recommend to ALL bloggers and business owners. They are a Pinterest partner (won’t get your account suspended!), affordable, and very user friendly.

If you sign up through my referral link, you’ll get a free month of Tailwind Plus. I highly recommend trying it out!


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How have you grown your Pinterest account? What are you struggling with?

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