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One of the most useful tools for bloggers is Pinterest. Keep reading to learn my top 5 reasons to use Pinterest for blogging.

Why Pinterest?

For bloggers, driving traffic to your new blog can be difficult.

When you build a new website, your domain authority starts at 1 and you almost certainly won’t rank on Google for popular search terms.

While SEO is the best route to take for large amount of long term traffic, you could spend months or years blogging before you rank for a popular keyword. On Pinterest, you just need people to click your pin!

It can be difficult to build a following on social medias like Facebook and Instagram – especially when you create new business profiles and only 10% of your followers see your posts.

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How is Pinterest different?

Why you should use Pinterest as a blogger -

5 Reasons to Use Pinterest for Blogging

1. Pinterest uses a smart feed.

Pinterest smart feed -

When you scroll through your Pinterest “home” page, you’re actually looking at a Pinterest smart feed.

This feed is composed of many sources. Some of the content comes from people you follow, some of it is based on things you have searched on Pinterest recently. But a large portion of this content is from people you don’t follow, but their content has been “picked” for you by Pinterest’s algorithm because Pinterest believes that you would enjoy it.

Other social media sites only show you content from people you follow by default.

This means that people would have to share your content or actively search for your type of content to find you (through hashtags, for example). It’s possible that your content might show up on the Instagram “discover” page, but it can be incredibly difficult and you need a very high engagement rate to get there.

Pinterest is different, and will put you in front of your target audience for you. Automatically. Way easier than it would be on Facebook or Instagram.

The image above shows the smart feed for my blog’s Pinterest account. You can see on the top that “Home” is selected, and to the right is a “Following” option. To see only posts from people you follow, you must choose “Following” instead of the default “Home” smart feed.

This is important because it gives you an opportunity to be found by more people than just the ones who are currently following you. The smart feed alone is an amazing reason to use Pinterest for blogging.

Pinterest users


2. Pinterest uses SEO.

SEO = search engine optimization. The combination of images, key words, titles, descriptions, and meta data that Pinterest uses to find the BEST results when you enter something in their search bar.

Most of the time, SEO will refer to true search engines such as Google. Spending the time to optimize your blog with SEO is well worth the effort, and has the ability to bring you a lot of traffic for competitive keywords.

The issue with Google SEO when you first start a blog is that it is hard. To rank on Google, Google has to trust your website. You must build up your domain authority, have the right number of backlinks, have the right word count in your articles, have the right alt image descriptions and metadata.

It isn’t truly an “issue” because it is doable – but it takes a lot of time and dedication. Pinterest will help you jump start the traffic to your site because it isn’t as intense as traditional SEO.

If you learn the right Pinterest SEO tricks (or pay someone to optimize your Pinterest SEO) your pins can rise to the top of their respective search terms – driving followers to your profile and clicks to your blog.

Pinterest SEO example makeup search -

The above photo is an example of how Pinterest SEO can be very easy to implement in your own pins.

I chose to search “makeup” on my blog’s profile, since that is the niche of my blog. Right under the search bar, you can see several different suggestions from Pinterest that build on makeup.

Because of these suggestions, I can conclude that some popular search terms (keywords) relating to makeup could be “makeup products,” “natural makeup,” “makeup tutorial,” “makeup tips,” and more.

The heavy SEO aspect of Pinterest leads us to the next point…

3. Pinterest is a visual search engine.Interior Design on Pinterest

Every post on Pinterest is called a “pin”. Every pin is an image (or video, though images are more common) that entices the user into tapping the pin for more information.

There is no wall of text, or any words to read at all, except the short pin title.

Niches that are focused on aesthetics (think: interior design, fashion) or rely heavily on visuals (flowcharts, photography) will thrive on Pinterest because of the focus on photos. If pretty photos align with your niche, this could be your most important reason to use Pinterest for blogging.

Flowcharts on Pinterest

As you can see in these examples, the photo dominates each pin. You can read a part of the pin’s title, but you must click on a pin for more information – so your image is extremely important.

Canva is the tool that most bloggers (including myself) use to design pin images. Creating pins that can be read easily and will stand out is the key to getting saves and clicks.

Need someone to make pin images for you? Check out my Pinterest Services.

4. Pinterest has lots of users. Especially women!

300 million a month (source). While this isn’t as many as Facebook, Pinterest gives you an opportunity to reach more people per post than Facebook will.

Another huge plus is that 79% of Pinterest users are women.

Pinterest calls women aged 25-54 years old “the deciders” – meaning that women in this age range make 80% of their family’s purchase decisions. In all, Pinterest reaches 83% of women in the US in “the decider” age range (source).

If you’re a small business owner and want to drive traffic to your art website or Etsy shop, Pinterest is holding your target audience.

It is important to note that while women still dominate the platform, half of new signups are men – so if your niche is masculine, you still have an audience.

Here’s an insight into my personal blog’s user analytics. Because I run a makeup blog, the demographics are highly skewed towards women, but you can see that I am reaching a LOT of young people through Pinterest – AKA it isn’t only old ladies that pin knitting patterns.

beautybrainsblush Pinterest user demographic

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5. It’s inexpensive.

Pinterest itself is free to use and pin as much as you want. Business accounts are also free.

If you decide to run ad campaigns it will cost you money, but honestly you don’t need to pay for ads to get great results!

The one Pinterest tool I highly suggest you invest in is Tailwind.

Tailwind is a tool that will allow you to schedule your pins on Pinterest in advance. This will save you SO much time, because you can schedule pins once a week or once a month instead of spending time on Pinterest every single day.

Click here to get a free month of Tailwind, which normally costs $15 (only $10/month if you pay for a whole year up front).

Tailwind also has a feature called “tribes” that allow you to share your content with others who post content similar to yours. In return, you share their content too – and you help each other grow. It’s a much better way to grow than most follow and share threads.

Tailwind scheduled pins

Here’s a look at my scheduled pins on Tailwind. For the remainder of the day, I have 12 scheduled pins.

In the right column, you can see the thumbnails of the pins I have scheduled for today and tomorrow. I don’t have pins scheduled for all of the time slots available on Sunday, and can go to my pin drafts to schedule more.

You can customize when your pins are scheduled, how many to post a day, repeating pins, which boards they are posted to, and so much more. Tailwind can also post your pins at the most optimal times, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the best time to upload.

I highly recommend Tailwind to everyone and anyone who wants to grow on Pinterest. You can grow without this amazing tool, but it will be harder and take a lot more of your time.

Pin this for later:

Why you should use Pinterest as a blogger -

Pinterest is one of the best tools a blogger can use to grow their traffic and reach their target audience.

I hope these reasons to use Pinterest for blogging was useful, and will help you implement Pinterest growth strategies for your blog.

If you need more Pinterest support, check out my  FREE Pinterest Support Community for bloggers – a Facebook group where you can ask me (and other bloggers) all the Pinterest questions you want!

Do you use Pinterest for your blog? What do you love (or struggle with) the most? Let me know in a comment below.

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