Here’s what makes me special and how my knowledge will allow me to help your business thrive.

Meet Kailey

I’m a blogger.

In 2018 I launched my blog and quickly began to learn how to use Pinterest from a business perspective. I started from the ground up, read as much information and data as I could find, and implemented strategies to help my blog grow.

And it worked!

My Pinterest reach quickly grew from 0, to 100. To 1,000. To 20,000. To 100,000. To 700,000. To 2 MILLION within my first four months of blogging.

As my account gained monthly viewers, the content I posted was shared more and more – helping me grow my followers and get more clicks to my blog’s content.

Peaking at 5.8 million, I definitely feel that others can benefit from the techniques I used to scale my Pinterest account. 

I’ve been asked “how do you do it?!” by other bloggers too many times to count. If you want to know, I’ll tell you, too. I don’t have any secrets, I have techniques that work. 

But here’s the catch – these techniques are time consuming. They require a lot of pinning (an hour or more a day manually!). They require quality content. They require dedication.

I want to help you get a hold of your Pinterest account, set you up for success, and watch you thrive.

Kailey Brumwell
Kailey Brumwell

My blog is all about makeup, which is a fantastic niche for Pinterest. 

Beauty, fashion, food, and mom-blogs are the perfect type of content for Pinterest’s user base, which is 79% women.¹ But that doesn’t mean that other niches don’t have a chance; most niches can find a place on the platform. (If you aren’t sure if yours is the best fit, let’s chat about it!)

I dove into BeautyBrainsBlush.com in late 2018, knowing that I had a passion for makeup and could create a website. 

Blogging became my new favorite hobby and my new job, all in one. I learned a bunch about blogging before I started, but I have learned so much more since launching that first post.

My unique perspective into blogging and social media is aided by my degree – a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, along with a minor in computer information systems.

Knowing how to code and write a website allowed me to tackle self-hosted WordPress with confidence. 

Adding tracking code to the header? Easy peasy! Getting locked out and having to navigate my website’s cPanel, database, and manually change files to remove plug-ins? Not quite as easy, but doable with a couple Google searches. Ha!

Because of my background in psychology, I love learning how other people think. This comes in handy with keyword research, planning blog posts, and way more than I ever imagined. 

I love helping other bloggers. You can often find me hanging out in blogging Facebook groups, giving advice and answering questions asked by new bloggers daily. 

Check out my case study about using Pinterest for my blog below, and connect with me on other platforms here:


Since I'm trying to help you with Pinterest, I figure that this is a good place to start! Check out my account here to see a bunch of helpful tips for bloggers.


Want to connect with me and other bloggers who are navigating their way through Pinterest? Join my group and enter a helpful community of likeminded people.

Beauty Blog

While I also have a blog on this site, I'm most proud of beautybrainsblush and love to show it off. Check it out here and let me know what you think!