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I am a twenty-something blogger, cat lover, makeup enthusiast, Jesus follower, psychology nerd, Stardew Valley farmer, and houseplant hobbyist who resides in midwestern United States with my husband and kitties.


What I Do

A Quick Dive into Blogging

I am the founder, owner, and operator of, an informational makeup blog.

Here’s the backstory: Between 2012 and 2016 the “beauty community” exploded in popularity, and many content creators began using online platforms to teach viewers how to apply makeup and learn advanced makeup techniques. If you’re a part of the “beauty community,” you probably know that the primary content that is being produced by top beauty influencers, especially from 2018 to present time, has shifted from being informational into being almost purely entertaining. I’m talking about shopping hauls, lists of favorites, click-bait beauty fails, and GRWMs.

This type of content is fun to watch and performs well, but it doesn’t help those who are new to applying makeup and want to learn. I see countless comments under large creators’ videos, asking “please give us makeup tutorials,” yet the tutorials they post use beauty slang and assume a level of knowledge about makeup products that makes it hard for a beginner to understand what is happening, and why.

In 2018 I shifted my career path in a less traditional direction, and Beauty Brains Blush was born. My goal is to fill the gap in the beauty industry by providing beginner-level makeup knowledge, giving a person who has never worn makeup the ability to learn on their own. I want the blog to be a comprehensive resource where someone can learn everything they need to know about makeup. At Beauty Brains Blush, we believe that beauty and brains can (and do) coexist, and we can be brainy and learn all about makeup together.

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