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I'm Kailey. I help passionate bloggers explode their reach on Pinterest by optimizing their accounts to set them up for success.

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Pinterest is a beast. It isn’t your typical social media website; it’s a huge, visual search engine! Instead of worrying about all of the details, I’ll handle the optimization and strategy of your account – so you can focus more on what you love to do.

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get more done

It takes time to optimize your blog and Pinterest account. Instead of spending hours each week promoting your content on Pinterest, use that time to create MORE awesome content that will help your site grow faster.

Connect with your audience

Pinterest has 300 MILLION monthly active users, 79% of which are women.¹ Putting your content in front of the right audience is important, and Pinterest allows you to succeed much quicker than standard search engines.

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Services that Match your needs



Account Creation

Don’t have a Pinterest business account yet? I will create a Pinterest account for your blog or business that looks professional and will set you up for success.

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Clean Up

Have a Pinterest account that isn't getting the results you desire? I will clean up your account, getting rid of irrelevant content and adding SEO-rich content to get you on the right path.​



Need someone to take care of all your Pinterest needs? I will manage your account on a monthly basis, taking care of pin creation, scheduling, group boards, and analytics.

WordPress Blogs

Blogging 101

Want to start a blog, but don't have it all planned out yet? Get one-on-one assistance to help define your niche, audience, goals, and more.

Set Up Assistance

Ready to start your self-hosted WordPress blog, but don't know how? I'll walk you through the process of getting your domain, hosting, theme, and plugins - and help you with any of the technical issues you run into.

Power Hour

After starting your blog, it can be overwhelming and hard to stay on track. I'll help you create logical plans of action, go over your analytics with you, and answer any questions you have about blogging based on my own experiences.

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